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Why working with millennials is not all about the money.

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

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November 12, 2021 📰 Read the FULL ARTICLE here.

Read an excerpt below.

While millennials are typically well educated, they are also facing challenges. They are often working in industries where employment is precarious, and they carry high levels of debt.

This means that advisors and planners may be working with clients who are part of the gig economy, with less stable income, and who therefore do not have work benefits such as healthcare and workplace pension plans.
While they share some of the dreams of older Canadians, including homeownership, for many this may be a fading hope.
"A lot of times, with millennials, the focus is on helping them find stability in the near-term, reducing debt and building a buffer for potential gaps in income," said Cindy Marques, a CFP® professional and CEO of MakeCents, who specializes in working with millennial clients.
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