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Some Canadian employers offer egg freezing as part of expanded fertility benefits.

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Brett Bundale


March 16, 2023

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Read an excerpt below.

“I work with a lot of women in their 30s who say they feel their biological clock ticking,” said Cindy Marques, a certified financial planner and director at Open Access, a group retirement plan provider.
“They often want to start saving to either freeze their eggs or for possible IVF down the road and it’s certainly not cheap,” she said. “Having a workplace that offers some coverage for these procedures would be a significant financial benefit.”
Still, Marques cautioned that workers should be aware of the ongoing fees following a procedure, and be prepared to shoulder the cost should they leave their company.
Egg storage is often free for several months following the retrieval procedure, but can cost as much as $50 a month, or $600 per year.
While egg freezing is gradually becoming more mainstream in Canada, only about five per cent of companies offer fertility benefits that cover the procedure compared with roughly 40 per cent in the United States, according to a report by national fertility organization Fertility Matters Canada.
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